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Welcome to the Bioinformatics and HPC Core

We are a full-service Bioinformatics provider, with services available for analysis of all kinds of high-throughput data, whether generated in house (at one of the UHN Genomics facilities) or externally. A basic data analysis package is available for on a per project basis. Discussion regarding the analysis of your genomics project and experimental design assessments are complimentary.

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Basic High-Throughput Sequencing Analysis

Pipelines for analysis should be specifically defined to meet the particular needs of your project but in general it can include:

  • QC analysis of fastq files
  • Alignment to genome
  • QC analysis of aligned reads
  • Standard data processing pipelines (eg. GATK)
  • Variant Calling, for exome or targetted panels
  • Differential gene expression analysis, for RNA-Seq
  • Identification of novel splice variants, for RNA-Seq
  • 10x single cell cellranger pipeline (gene expression, immune profiling, ATAC, …)
  • Methyl-seq pipeline
  • ATAC-seq pipeline
  • HiC-Pro pipeline
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Advanced Data Analysis

Advanced high-throughput sequencing data analysis is also quoted on a per project basis. Advanced data analysis can include:

  • Gene ontology
  • Pathway analysis
  • Literature searches
  • Sequence and SNP analysis from raw chromatograms
  • BLAST searches
  • Multiple alignments and trees
  • Primer design
  • Antibody epitope prediction
  • Single cell full data analysis
  • Computer programming
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High Performance Computing (ONLY available for UHN researchers)

Our group manage UHN HPC clusters. Our clusters contain thousands of cores and several PB storage. Researchers are processing data and performing complex calculations every day on the clusters such as NGS data analysis and machine learning. We also manage software stacks and data sets on the clusters. If you want to use HPC services or have issues on the cluster, please contact . Please note, the HPC service is for UHN researchers only.



Please use an FTP client that supports SFTP connections (e.g. FileZilla, sftp or lftp). Enter the Host ip address, port number, username and password provided to you via email. The account is usually valid for 14 days. Please download your data at your earliest convenience and let us know if you have problems downloading the data.


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Bioinformatics and HPC Core

The Bioinformatics and HPC Core is located at:

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